Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Coatings

Long lasting protection, shine, and gloss for years to come.
Don’t believe all the myths- Coatings are not bulletproof. 

Proper maintenance must still be done to ensure long lasting effects.
Here at Bergen County Auto Pros, we will be straight to the point for all your ceramic coating needs.

Bergen County Auto Pros is a Gyeon Certified Detailer.

Paint Coatings

Gyeon Flash

Great Hydrophobic &
Self Cleaning Properties
UV & Chemical Protection
Single Layer Coating

Durability: 3+ Years

Gyeon DuraFlex

Extreme Scratch Resistance
& Self Cleaning Properties
Nice Warm Gloss
Super Slick Coating
Double Layer Coating

 Durability: 5+ Years


Gyeon Mohs+

Extreme Scratch Resistance & Self Cleaning Properties
Brilliant Shine & Gloss
Chemical Resistance
Excellent Water Beading
Double Layer Coating



Durability: 5+ Years


GYEON Freedom of Choice Warranty

Choose 5 years or Infinite Warranty Terms on


Register online at Gyeonservices.com

Follow simple maintenance procedures.
To benefit of the INFINITE Warranty, the periodical maintenance services must be carried out by a GYEON Certified Detailer every 24 months or 15K miles.
Customer needs to periodically maintain vehicle with GYEON maintenance products.

Exterior Coatings Add-on

Gyeon Q2 View- Glass Coat

Long lasting hydrophobic effect. Self cleaning properties, repel water and dirt



Durability: 12-36 Months



Protection to all wheel types-powder coated, matte, satin, painted, gloss, etc.




Durability: 1-2 Years

Gyeon Q2 Trim Coat/ Lens Coat

Restore and protect your trim-darkening and enriching the color of your plastic or rubber, without washing off.

Durability: 1+ Years

Interior Coatings Add-ons

Gyeon Q2 Fabric Coat

Protect carpets, floor mats, and convertible tops from dirt and UV rays to prevent fading


Durability: 6+ Months

Gyeon Q2 Leather Coat

Polymer based protection against UV rays, dirt, and color transfer



Durability:3+ Months

Gyeon Q2 LeatherShield

SiO2 based formula for superior protection against, dirt, UV rays, and everyday traffic. It does not change the feel of the leather, leaving a matte finish.

Durability: 1+ Years

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